Prayer Partners

Special Prayer Prompter (updated January 2018)

2 Praises & 2 Prayer Requests

  • Praise the Lord for the ABWE Global Operations Summit we attended and our new President, Paul Davis, and his wife, Martha. We feel very confident in the direction and leadership of ABWE and are looking forward to all that God will do in the months and years to come.
  • Praisethe Lord for the time we had to spend with family over the holidays on both sides of the ocean. We are grateful and blessed!
  • Prayfor each of our ministry goals for 2018 (see Jan. post). We want what God wants – nothing more and nothing less. We are committing our plans to Him and trusting Him to accomplish His will through us.
  • Prayfor us as we continue to expand the ministries of ABWE within South Africa and to other countries in Southern Africa. We are in need of additional laborers to do this – pray to the Lord of the harvest!
  • Pray for safety as we return to South Africa the first week of February. Pray that we will build new relationships in our new community of Hermanus, that we will see souls saved and growth in the Mountain View church plant.

Thank you for praying as partners in our ministry!



11 thoughts on “Prayer Partners

  1. Tim and Andi says:

    We are praying daily for all of the great things God is bringing into your lives as you serve Him with your whole hearts!
    Lifting you up,
    The Bell’s

    • midge knepp says:

      Beautiful Bride , What is her last name now. I will be praying for you as you begin the new year. God bless in 2013, Midge in Niles Oh

  2. Here is a Mt. View McDonalds memory. In 2008 when I was with the team from WHBC, I was a guest in your home. Your girls (and a couple of their friends really wanted to go to McDonalds after an evening service, so I told them…”Tell your Dad, that I want to go to McDonalds, and I guarantee he will say yes.” They did, you did, and we did dine at the Arches. Press on, my friends…

    • Hey my friend, great to hear from you and I remember the evening very well. Some of our best days of ministry have been with the work teams who have help plant Mountain View and build His church. Come back and we’ll do McDonalds again!

  3. Mitch & Laura Adams says:

    Praying for the upcoming events, that homes & marriages will be strengthened & lives changed, that many will be helped and hearts exposed to the gospel, & for strength, stamina, wisdom, balance & encouragement for you in all your responsibilities. Your creativity in ministry is wonderful to read about! Love you guys, M & L

  4. Midge Knepp says:

    Wolfs Will be praying for all your requests. nice to hear from you and see whats happening with your family. Yours in Christ Midge in Oh.

  5. Midge Knepp says:

    Will be praying for all that was mentioned. Praise the Lord your Daughter and family will be there soon. Your in Christ Midge

  6. Midge & Wayne Knepp says:

    Praise the Lord for all the people who will be serving with you. Praying for all of them. It is great to have you children serving with you God bless you all. Midge

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