“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” Dr. Seuss

We never thought it would be this sad to say goodbye to something that has caused us such grief over the years!  When we began this journey in 1998 we started writing quarterly “snail mail” prayer letters…you remember those? We would write the letter and a dear friend from our home church in Ohio would print, sort, and mail them — all 600.

Then in July of 2011, we went digital and started communicating through the ONERWE blog.  Each month we posted an article to keep you, our team of supporters, engaged in our ministries and praying. That’s nine years of monthly articles and nearly 29,000 hits.

If you followed the blog last year then you know we made some huge transitions in 2019, most notably, our move from Southern Africa to South Asia. That transition has also brought about a change in the way we will continue to communicate with you from now on.

So today we officially say good-bye to the ONERWE blog and this is our last post. For us, it was a wonderful opportunity to scroll through the archived articles and reflect on the many answers to prayer, the joys, and yes, the heartaches, too. What a reminder of God’s faithfulness!

But we also have some exciting news! While we say good-bye to the ONERWE blog, we are definitely not saying good-bye to you!  In fact, this final article comes with a heartfelt plea not to abandon us now, but to take one small step to remain in touch as we move forward into the future.  To do that, we need you to do one small favor!

Go to “Leave a Reply” at the end of this blog and say “I’m still with you” or email us at twolf@abwe.org. We’ll capture your details and begin sending you our new information from South Asia. We do hope you’ll stay connected so you can see what’s happening in this part of the world – It’s Amazing!!

We are looking forward to sharing this next leg of the journey with you, and we’d like to say “thank you” for the many years you’ve supported us by reading our blog, praying for us, and supporting us financially as well.

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