Podcast: Racial Reconciliation and Multiethnic Church Planting in South Africa

Greetings Wolfpack Partners! My name is Alex Kocman, and I serve as Director of Long-Term Mobilization for ABWE International in Harrisburg, PA.  One of my roles is to help communicate what God is doing around the world and guide new missionaries into cross-cultural ministry. Our VP Scott Dunford and I host The Missions Podcast to bridge the gap between the worlds of biblical, big-God theology and practical missions strategy. Each Monday, we dive into questions of contextualization, the local church, strategy, the implications of biblical theology, and best practices for senders and goers alike. Our goal is to turn thinkers into goers and help goers slow down and think.

This week, ABWE Church Planter and Regional Director for Southern Africa, Tom Wolf, joins us to discuss the uniqueness’s of racial reconciliation and multiethnic church planting in South Africa. With Apartheid a mere 20+ years in South Africa’s rearview, ethnic tensions still threaten to divide the church.

As a partner of the Wolfs, we invite you to listen in to this insightful interview, as Tom, an 18-year veteran of church planting missions to South Africa, shares some simple strategies their team has used in bridging racial divides—even when it’s been costly. It goes without saying that the concerns and dynamics of racial reconciliation in any country are vast and complex. This 30-minute podcast cannot address every facet of the current concerns related to racial reconciliation in South Africa, nor does it try to. It briefly touches on the topic and is aimed at getting us to think about what God is doing in this part of the world.

You can listen online by clicking here or on your favorite Podcast App. And as time allows please share your thoughts on this episode, rate the show, and leave a review in your favorite listening platform. We’d also love for you to become a follower of ABWE’s weekly Podcast.



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