“Ministry Partners, we have a problem!”

Tom’s farewell address and church challenge

You probably remember the quote, “Houston, we have a problem” from the 1995 film Apollo 13, but did you know that wasn’t actually what the real Commander of the Apollo 13 mission, Jim Lovell, said? Over time, this modified quote has become an idiom for situations where something is out of whack, not right, a “bit off” in some manner. Well, life here has felt a bit like that for us recently!

First of all, we haven’t written a Blog update since the end of July – oops! That should be your first indication that something is slightly off because we haven’t missed a month since we started the blog in July, 2011 – that’s six years running!

Pastors Dave and Tom and the new Lead Pastor Mark

Without giving you a list of numerous excuses, let me just tell you what’s been happening. After returning from America in late August, we went straight into gearing up for celebrating Mountain View’s 15th Anniversary. Nancy and I joyfully graduated our first church plant in Somerset West, turning the ministry over to our dear colleague and national Pastor Mark Osborne. It’s what we have been working toward for a long time, and we’re delighted it’s finally happened. Pastor Dave Drullinger will stay on at the Somerset West church while also leading our Ministry Training Centre.

Pastor Tom and Sue Wright

It was a wonderful month-long celebration, and we were able to host our sending church pastor, Tom Wright, who came to speak, as well as his wife, Sue. I guess one other reason it’s felt a bit off lately is that it’s been really hard emotionally for us to leave our church and the people we love in Somerset West. Even now as I write and reflect, I feel like there’s a part of my heart that I’ve left somewhere else.

The good news, however, is that we get to do it all again! That’s right – we are actually still unpacking from our move to Hermanus where we’ve joined the McComas family to help with another church plant. Hermanus is not an unfamiliar place to us – we’ve been commuting in and out each week for over two years. But living here is different and in many ways, it feels like we’re starting all over again. Hermanus is only a one hour drive from Somerset West, but the two towns couldn’t be any more different. It’s exciting to have a fresh start, and yet, the move itself feels overwhelming, as with church planting, often the hardest days are the early days.

The church building and parking lot completed

Having said all that, what we really wanted to write about this month is less about us, and more about God and you. First, the Wolfs didn’t plant a church…God did. That’s not false humility – it’s a reality. Secondly, God used you far more than you’ll ever know, at least until Heaven, that is. We want to say, as passionately as we possibly can and with all of our hearts,  thank you!!! Thank you for investing in us and in God’s call to reach the nations. We have an amazing and very giving family, as well as wonderful supporting churches and dear ministry partners who’ve bought into the vision of planting churches in South Africa.  When you look at some of the pictures we’ve posted, remember…this is how God used you. So, are you ready to do it again? Please say yes!

Oh, by the way, did I tell you that in the midst of all this Nancy and I had to leave South Africa for a week due to South African visa problems… and… we held the Southern Africa Regional Conference where we hosted guests from America and all the ABWE missionaries serving in South Africa.  Well, I guess that’s a post for another day! See, we’re already planning the next Blog post. Guess that means, we’re are back on track! Houston, all is well!

5 thoughts on ““Ministry Partners, we have a problem!”

  1. Tim Kenoyer says:

    My thanks to God for the blessing of being part of a work in South Africa. Love your blogs and find them both challenging and encouraging.

    • Pastor Tim, you are a star supporting Pastor. Thank you and our church family there for your friendship and commitment to world missions…including our part of the vineyard in South Africa. Thank you and may God bless you for your faithfulness.

  2. Bruce McDonald says:

    Praise God for Tom & Nancy, Pastor Dave, and the wonderful people at Mountainview! What a wonderful work of God! One of the greatest churches I’ve visited. So excited for the future of the church under Mark and Pastor Dave. And super excited for what God is doing in Hermanus, and will do under the McComas’s and the Wolf’s.

    • I can go another 15 years on the wings of these encouraging words from some of God’s best missionaries and choice servants. Thank you, Bruce and Bev, for your investment in our lives and the ministries in South Africa!

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