Two Countries…One Goal…Mozambique

Our ABWE friends and colleagues from Brazil, Cal and Carol Clark, arrived last week in Cape Town. We’ve enjoyed showing them around the Western Cape and introducing them to the beautiful sights and sounds of South Africa. And today we begin to fulfill a dream – the combined missions trip that we’ve been working on for months, and we need your prayers.

This is a “survey” trip. That means we’re going there to investigate how we can partner, as Americans, South Africans and Brazilians, with others who are already working to reach the needy Portuguese-speaking people of Mozambique. Our trip includes a variety of meetings in various locations aimed at seeing what God is already doing there and how we can work together. We are pleased with the warm welcome that we’ve received thus far from the existing mission agencies and potential national partners in Mozambique and we’ve only just begun.

Two Countries…One Goal…Mozambique. Please join us in praying specifically for these four needs as we trust God for the journey…  

  • Pray for safe travels, our security and health as we move around Mozambique. This is a malaria-invested area.
  • Pray for open doors and open hearts. We have planned and prepared as best we can, however, there will no doubt be additional and possibly unexpected opportunities along the way to serve those we meet and share Christ along the way. We need God to direct our steps and enable us to make an impact for Christ while there.
  • Pray for the right kind of relationships and potential partnerships to develop while we are there. We need God to lead us in forming relationships that will be a good fit as we move forward to further the gospel, in some cases, attempting to reach the unreached people of northern Mozambique.
  • Pray, even now, for the laborers God will send for this part of His vineyard. And would you be bold enough to ask God if it might be you?

Thank you for your ongoing support and for helping us reach this part of Southern Africa!

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