Change Ahead

Changes are Coming – We made the official announcement at the Mountain View Somerset West Church (not to anyone’s surprise, as it’s been coming for a while now) that as of October 1st Pastor Mark Osborne will become the Lead Pastor. What may have surprised some was that we also shared the news that we would be moving to Hermanus to help with the new church plant, working alongside Wade and Tara McComas.

Changes for Greater Impact – You never know how God will use you to impact someone who is watching and listening. After the announcement was made to the church, Pastor Mark gave a brief testimony of how God led Mark and his family to Mountain View. It all started when Tom was the main speaker at a men’s retreat in Durban South Africa in 2009, because it was at that event that Mark gave his life to the Lord for full-time ministry. He then pursued his education and was equipped for ministry through the efforts of many faithful servants at a sister church in Durban. Then our paths crossed again at the ABWE South African Regional Conference in 2014 when Mark was invited to lead worship. Unknown to us, spending time together all week helped Mark and his wife, Claudette, see how God could possibly be leading them to transition to a new ministry someday. One thing led to another, and in God-like fashion, here they are, serving the Lord and being used for His glory. Still growing, still learning, and definitely making an impact for Christ.

Having said this, there are many changes ahead for Nancy and I and we covet your prayers. Above all, we pray that we will be used by God to make an impact in the lives of those we continue to meet in Hermanus and have opportunity to minister with. Also, it feels very weird and even somewhat difficult to be letting go of something we’ve worked so long and hard at – kind of like when your kids leave home and get married. You’re still involved in their lives, but in a very different way. It is like that now with our first “baby” – Mountain View in Somerset West. We won’t be far away (less than an hour) and we’ll still be involved with the church as the Pastors of both churches work together on the same church planting team, but in different locations. However, Mountain View Somerset West will be autonomous and have a new leader, Pastor Mark, and we know he’ll do a great job. Tom has often said that he thinks Mark will take the church to the next level in its growth. Plus, he will have Pastor Dave Drullinger by his side – and there has never been a better “pastor partner” than Dave. In the new structure Pastor Wade will still lead Mountain View Hermanus, even after we join them, giving us more time for Tom’s ABWE Regional Director duties for Southern Africa.

Changes Stretch Our Faith – In Tom’s State of the Church sermon series last month he shared this quote from William Carey, “Expect great things from God – Attempt great things for God.” That is our desire. In all that God is doing right now in our lives and ministry we are expecting God to show up Big Time! And we will attempt, in His strength, to give our best in all that we do.

Please pray as supporting churches and ministry partners for us as these plans come to pass and we continue to learn, grow, and serve in new ways. Pray for those who we will impact for Christ, possibly without ever knowing how. May many come to faith and be moved and equipped for service for Him. That is our true desire! As time allows, please look at our Prayer Requests to gain more insight into our praises, needs and requests. We value your support…knowing that you stand with us in prayer.

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