Are we taking Christmas back?

returnWhen you first hear the words “Taking Christmas Back,” what comes to your mind?  Tom and I recently arrived in America for our annual ABWE leaders’ conference and we’re also getting ready to celebrate our second Christmas with family on this side of the ocean.

While out and about doing some last minute shopping, we were both amazed at how much “stuff” is in the stores just waiting to be purchased.  The sales are abundant and somewhat addictive, too. (Does anyone pay full price for anything these days?) We organized a shopping list of “needs” and did our best to stick to it.

2take-back-christmasSo I have to admit, something that comes to my mind when thinking about “taking Christmas back”  are the anticipated and dreaded long lines of customers who, on December 26th and thereafter, will be doing just that – “taking Christmas back.” They’ll be getting refunds, making exchanges, and probably looking for special deals to purchase even more stuff.

Prior to coming to America on this trip, we started our celebration of Christmas in Cape Town with our kids and grandkids on that side of the ocean as well as our forever family at both churches, Mountain View Somerset West and Mountain View Hermanus.  Tom started the annual Anticipate Christmas series and each week leading up to Christmas MV’s theme of “taking back Christmas” has been emphasized using these words: Light, Glory, Grace and Truth.  After all, Christmas belongs to us…God’s people.  It’s not about people anticipating the “presents” and the various traditions of Christmas – but rather celebrating the incarnate “presence” of the Saviour of the world!  Taking Christmas back is acknowledging that the world has hi-jacked the celebration of one of God’s most important events—the one we’ve set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Son of God.

So, as we all Anticipate Christmas this week…think about what it means to “take Christmas back.”  Would you join us and your South African brothers and sisters in Christ and “return” Christmas to its true meaning?img_7239
With love from our family to yours…have a joyous and Merry Christmas!

3 thoughts on “Are we taking Christmas back?

  1. mlhartman61 says:

    If you are in Cedarville while you are in the US, Second Act of Cedarville, a ministry thrift store, does not charge missionaries for clothing, and we have nice things. 50 N. Main St. Tues 10-2; Thu 12-6; Sat 10-3. Closed Dec. 23-Jan 2.

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