Thanksgiving Specials (And we don’t mean Black Friday!)

2015-11-25-1448482240-4534072-happythanksgivingpicsThe Thanksgiving holiday is not celebrated around the world but it can still give everyone a good reason to pause and give thanks, no matter where we are. What makes Thanksgiving special for many of us is family and close friends that we love and for whom we are grateful.

Nancy and I love being parents to our four daughters and amazing son-in-laws God has given us, as well as being grandparents to our six grandchildren (and counting!). We give thanks to God for His awesome work in their lives as they have graciously endured the rigors of ministry life, separation from their parents for extended periods of time, and still choose to pursue their walk with Jesus and raise their children to love Jesus, too. None of that was ever, or will ever be, taken for granted. It is a daily answer to prayer. “Thank you Jesus for blessing us as a family and keeping us close despite the distance and separation we’ve often felt through the years.”

IMG_6075Today is also a special time to say “thank you” to all of you who have faithfully stood by us and supported us over the years. You are part of what God is doing in Southern Africa and we give thanks to you for your partnership, friendship and the love you have shown us throughout this journey.

We celebrated our Thanksgiving holiday with a good ‘ole South African braai (barbecue) on Tuesday with the special ministry partners God has given us at Mountain View. Our prayer is that you will enjoy your Thanksgiving, and even if it’s not on your schedule for Thursday, and you are not in a place where you can get together with the ones you love, our prayer is that it will still be a special time of thanksgiving as you praise God for “the specials” – those people who, by His grace, God has brought into your life.

We just posted a family update (Where Are The Wolf Girls Now?) with some new pictures. Please go to the About Us tab and share in the thanksgiving with us.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

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