Teach Many, Reach More

Wolfs MinistrySeveral years ago we revamped the look of our Wolfpack logo. However, the core of our ministry, making disciples, stayed in the center because it’s at the heart of equipping leaders, planting churches, developing communities and multiplying mission movements.

Perhaps you are part of the Wolfpack Team and you’re not quite sure what “Multiplying Missions” really means and how it practically applies to our everyday lives and ministry. So we thought we’d highlight a couple of things we are doing right now to fulfill this part of our calling.

IMG_2827 (1)In early July, Nancy had the opportunity to use her ESL training to teach several full-time servants of God from several different countries, such as Chad, Guinea, Uzbekistan, Cape Verde, Morocco and Sudan, as they participated in a program which teaches Christian leaders how to use sports ministry in their community. Many African countries report that 50% of their populations are under the age of 25 and sports is a wonderful way to share the gospel and invite young people to church. That’s one of the ways we are equipping leaders and thereby multiplying missions.

DSC00029We are currently in America for a mini-furlough and we just finished helping to facilitate a program at ABWE called Essential Mission Components (www.abwe.org/training/emc). We worked with many veteran and pre-field missionaries who were learning ABWE’s church planting philosophy which includes both methods and models for effective church planting in various parts of the world. We are actively involved in church planting ourselves, but how much greater our impact for Christ when we help equip others to go out and do the same!

Mozambique MapOne more way we are working to multiply missions, and one that we are very excited about, is our upcoming survey trip to Mozambique. It is scheduled for later this year and we’ll be traveling with the ABWE’s Regional Director from Brazil and the President of a Brazilian Mission Agency. The purpose of the trip is to see where missionaries are needed, what ministry needs are there, and how we can best partner with Portuguese speaking missionaries and Mozambique believers to reach the unreached people in that country. Yes, there are still people in Mozambique who have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ. Creating partnerships and mobilizing people will multiply the mission efforts in that country and many, we trust, will come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

Years ago the quote “Each One Reach One” became popular. Well, we say “Teach Many, Reach More.” And that’s exactly what we are busy doing. Won’t you pray with us and even consider how you can help partner with us in specific ways…pray for God to open doors for Mozambique. Pray for God to place a burden on the hearts of those He will send to minister there.  What about you—would you go?  How can you get involved?  Got some thoughts — just write us twolf@abwe.org as we’d love to further involve you in the “multiplication” process God is doing! Thanks again for all your prayers and support!

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