Time for a Retake!

IMG_6075Sometimes it’s fun to look back, compare where you were then to where you are now, and to see how much has changed. We had a wonderful opportunity to do just that this past month while the family was here in Cape Town for our youngest daughter’s (Morgan) wedding. Here are two favorite “retake” pictures that we re-created while our family was together. 13220724_10100274812551654_7560242252571380146_oIt was so fun and encouraging, but it was also a bit sentimental and sobering – the years seem like they’ve flown by. I’m sure most of you know what I mean. Tom, who has lovingly been called “George Banks” for years (Father of the Bride), took it quite hard!

In much the same way, we are also looking back and remembering where we were in our ministry life when those pictures were taken and where we are now. Check out this retake!

IMG_6052These two pictures look pretty much the same, but with one major difference. We now have a fully established and completed church building (thanks to many of you reading this update). However, we are missing one important thing – a parking lot (or a car park, as we say in South Africa).

This is where we are now – Mountain View has saved almost half the funds needed and we have just started a faith-promise campaign aimed at receiving financial commitments from the forever family that we trust will be given to complete the project. God willing, the final building phase of this church plant will be completed in 2016.

Slide1God Will Provide. This is true, both for our family and the new parking lot. The proof is in the pictures. The amazing, all powerful, and sovereign God who provided and led us here over 15 years ago, with four girls in tow, is still providing everything we need. He’s proven that to our family and to our church. It’s a humbling, awesome, praise-worthy truth…from then until now, God has been faithful.

It makes us excited for the “retakes” in the years to come. Especially as we see the new church plant in Hermanus taking off and starting to mature. We say it each month, but it’s worth repeating, thank you for your partnership in our ministry. Together, we are making an impact for Jesus!


2 thoughts on “Time for a Retake!

  1. I just got “Father of the Bride 1 & 2” for Father’s Day, so we have been watching those movies…I’m sure I’ll be taking quite hard too! Praise the Lord how he provides!

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