Lives Changed Instantly…Please Pray

Last Saturday, early in the morning, one of our sweetest 18-year-old young men at Mountain View was involved in an automobile accident and went home to be with Jesus.  Just like that, his life changed forever and Jesse Gous’ faith became sight!

Jesse, Julio, Valentia & Mark Gous

Jesse, Julio, Valentia & Mark Gous

Also on that day, totally unexpected, life changed for his parents, Mark and Valentia Gous, as well as his younger brother, Julio, and tomorrow we will celebrate Jesse’s life with a memorial service.  Many in our community will be present, probably more people than has ever been inside our church building for something like this.  We will weep and mourn together, as forever families do, but we will also rejoice together in the salvation and hope that we have, made possible through Jesus Christ.  Please pray for the Gous family as they anticipate and experience the service.

There were three other young men in the car at the time of the accident.  Later in the day last Saturday, the driver of the car, Jean-Claude, also died. The following day, another passenger named Houston died as a result of injuries sustained in the crash. Another young man, Corné, was safe and walked away with light injuries. His life also changed, only in a different way.  We are not sure of the spiritual condition of these young men, as we do not know them personally, however, we ask that you would keep these families in your prayers as well.

Please pray for our forever family and everyone in our community affected by this tragedy. Pray for Tom as he brings the gospel message on Saturday morning during the memorial service and Pastor Dave Drullinger as he holds the graveside service for the family. Perhaps someone in attendance will have their life changed forever, too. Our prayer is that through the work God did in Jesse’s life many more will come to faith and God will be glorified in all things.

Thank you for your partnership as we pray for one another.

Tom & Nancy

One thought on “Lives Changed Instantly…Please Pray

  1. Bill and Cindee McComas says:

    Prayers for these families, the Mountainview Church Family, and your leadership from across the ocean. We hurt for you all.

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