Can I Get a Drum Roll, Please?

IMG_4963Thanks to all of you, we’ve had a sweet time of celebrating our 15-year anniversary of ministry in South Africa.  Your emails have brought great encouragement. Thank you for your partnership as the work of the Great Commission continues on!

And now, can I get a drumroll as we announce the winners of the Wolfpack 15 Year Anniversary Starbucks Gift Cards? The three winners are:

Mark & Jen Holsinger, Tim & Andi Bell and Harry & Jan Gebert

We feel extremely blessed to share this celebration with all of you and reflect on the great things God has done. Here are just a few more comments that give glory to God!

“The Lord has reinforced to me these past 15 years that when we choose to be loyal to Christ alone He assures us all the more of His protection, purpose, power and presence in the diverse mission fields to which He has uniquely called us. Praising God for your obedience.” (Chip Weiant)

“I was blessed when meeting you…that a successful man in the world of business would be willing to pull up anchor and head into the unknown of God’s calling…A lesson in listening to God’s leading and then acting on it, despite any and all reservations.  And, look how the Lord has blessed you and your ministry over the past 15 years! May God grant you 15 more years and beyond of fruitful ministry!” (Amy Womack)

“Been there for everything…now give me my free Starbucks gift card!! If I win, I’ll take you out for a coffee!” (Morgan Wolf)

“Thank you for allowing us to partner with your work in South Africa.  Keep going for Him!” Psalm 37:23 (Pastor David Conrad)

“Follow the Lord’s leading…He can overcome our fears and do amazing things!” (Debbie Howdyshell)

“I have been affirmed about the importance of the local church in God’s plan.” (Rick Presley)

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