Um…Cape Town is Ridiculous

There are once-in-a-lifetime events that you sometimes miss when you are a missionary living outside America. Whether you like it or not, it just is. Those of you who recently joined our family, friends and ministry partners at Grace Baptist Church in Cedarville, Ohio know what we mean when we say, we missed something very special last weekend – the McComas family’s commissioning service as new missionaries to South Africa.

After two years of preparation, pre-field ministry and support raising, Grace Baptist held a service to celebrate the end of this phase of their journey and the beginning of the next, their ministry in South Africa. And it has been just that – a journey. We’re so proud of our kids, Wade and Tara (and their children!), who have stuck it out, worked hard and learned to trust in God more and more.

For part of the service, Wade and Tara made a video of the kids sharing their thoughts on their journey to life and ministry in South Africa. I know they are our grandkids (Finnegan, age 4, and Aislinn, age 2), however, this is absolutely priceless. Listen as they tell their side of the story and give insights on “ridiculous Cape Town.

Thank you for praying for the McComas family as they pack their bags and say their good-byes as well as for their safe arrival in “ridiculous Cape Town.”

2 thoughts on “Um…Cape Town is Ridiculous

  1. Bev McDonald says:

    Oh, how priceless!
    I imagine you can not wait to hug your sweet ones and enjoy them living “close by!” Love to all of you

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