Coffee, Muffins and Modern Day Fellowship


Mandy leads our Café Team and her son enjoys the sweets!

Have you ever wondered if there was more to the coffee frenzy of today than meets the eye, or the taste buds? And no, I’m not talking about more caffeine. This past month we opened the Common Grounds Café at Mountain View. It’s not a novel idea for sure, and many churches now have a Café or some form of an after-church gathering place with a focus on trying to keep people at church long enough to actually enjoy fellowship after the services.

I’ve always imagined the amazing account of the early church that Luke describes for us, “And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers…And all who believed were together and had all things in common.” (Acts 2:42, 44)

551402_10151341085963214_297729945_nThat has been our intent from the start of the church; that one day we would start a little Café in our Commons Area. Our Leadership Team desired for the people at Mountain View to have a place for true fellowship. Looking back now, I’m not sure we even knew what that would look like. But we do now…let me tell you an amazing story of something that happened within the first two weeks of the Café opening.

Two men from Mountain View, who I don’t usually see hanging out together, struck up a conversation after the morning service. With coffee and muffins in-hand they chatted, getting to know one another better. As men do, one man asked the other what kind of work he did, only to find out the other man did welding as part of his job. The welder made a comment that stuck in the first man’s mind – “…that’s why my glasses look like this.” Needless to say, it was evident that a new pair of eye glasses was needed.

The comment just wouldn’t leave the first man’s mind. He and his wife discussed the welder’s need and contacted me, offering to donate half the cost of a new pair of eye glasses for the welder, hoping the church would help cover the other half. In a matter of a couple of days, the welder had an appointment with our Optometrist and the glasses were ordered.

Slide1With tears in his eyes, our welder-friend came to a prayer gathering the following Wednesday night praising God for the new glasses that he had been praying for, but hadn’t told anyone other than God of his need. We all praised God for His answer to prayer.

You can imagine my surprise when I went to the Optometrist’s office to pay for the glasses with half of the money from the first man, the other half from the church. When I arrived, the Optometrist shared that she was so impacted by the story of the welder and God’s people serving one another that she donated the second half herself! Awesome! That’s what the Café has brought about already – modern day, God glorifying, Christian fellowship. Can’t wait for more fellowship stories to follow for the Forever Family at Mountain View!

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