Who Knew?

Who Knew? Nancy Reflects…

FullSizeRenderWhen I look at this picture I have to ask myself the question, “Who knew?” Tom was the cutest guy at Briggs High School (at least that’s what I thought!) and I quickly fell in love with him after our first date to opening night of the original Rocky movie. Plus, he had a motorcycle, and I thought that was so cool. The fact that he wasn’t born again, and I was, didn’t matter to me as much as it should have…I was in love.

Being the “religious” guy that he was, and following my parents’ rules, he started attending church with my family every Sunday. During that time, God was working in my heart and instead of just talking the talk, I actually took ownership of my faith and started walking the walk.  I started living for Jesus and Tom witnessed that change. Later, we started attending services at Memorial Baptist Church at the same time (1980) Pastor Tom Wright and his wife, Sue, were called to minister there. Who knew?

View More: http://karimephotography.pass.us/pastor-wright--35th-anniversaryLooking back, it was a potent tag-team; Pastor Denny and Carol George, whose home we spent many hours in asking soul-searching questions, combined with the Sunday morning messages pregnant with Truth from Pastor Wright. It was exactly what Tom needed for God to shine the light into his heart and he was saved on February 17, 1980.

Tom was baptized and then we were married at Memorial three months later, also by Pastor Wright, and so the story goes…who knew?

Who Knew? Tom Reflects…

Little did I know when I asked that “foxy” cheerleader, Nancy, out on a date that my life indeed would change in the amazing ways that it did. In fact, we will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary in May. Looking back now, I too can say…seriously, who knew?

IMG_0441 2God used Nancy’s life and journey to bring me to faith in Jesus and to Memorial where I also connected with an influential follower of Christ named Pastor Tom Wright. Few other men have influenced me more than this one man. For nearly 20 years he personally discipled me, and for the last 15 years he has continued to mentor me from a distance as we serve the Lord in Cape Town, South Africa. Who knew?

Now, fast-forward to February 22, 2015 – 35 years to the week after my salvation, when I had the privilege to preach at Tom and Sue’s surprise 35th anniversary celebration at Memorial. That day, there were no words to fully express our gratitude to them for the impact they have made on our lives. We watched as so many others gave their testimonies, and it was clear that we were not alone in feeling this way. Untold lives have been impacted by this couple.

Who Knew? God Knows!

View More: http://karimephotography.pass.us/pastor-wright--35th-anniversaryHowever, this month’s blog post isn’t so much about them or us…it’s about reflecting on an amazing God who works out His perfect and sovereign plan in all our lives. Since our return to South Africa, Nancy and I have reflected on this special occasion and it has caused us to ask these questions. Who will we tell about Jesus, disciple, and influence? What impact are we making by sharing our lives and seeing others come to faith in Christ? Thank you, Pastor Wright and Sue, for your selfless love that helped us see and know Christ in a greater way. It’s an absolute joy to serve with you as we make Him know amongst the nations! Thirty-five years later…who knew? God did!

A special thanks to Kari from KariMe Photograhy for the celebration photos http://www.karimephotography.com


2 thoughts on “Who Knew?

    • Kildal, you are still one of my favorite Pastors and have such a great sense of humor. Those same shorts could work 30 years later and function as part of my rugby getup in South Africa!

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