A Baptism with an Amazing Twist


A Confession of Personal Faith in Christ

Baptism services at Mountain View are always amazing and one of our favorite gatherings with the forever family. However, this time God did something extra special at this baptism and we just had to share it with you!

After showing the DVD of their faith stories, four people entered the waters. We were moved to tears of joy and laughter after the first two people, Irna and Martinus, were baptized. Both were raised in the Dutch Reformed Church and were baptized as infants.


A Declaration of a Life Committed to Christ

They came to faith prior to attending Mountain View, but moved into the neighborhood with their three small children and attended our Next Steps class. It was there that they came to understand God’s instructions for believer’s baptism. Their testimony was very moving and important to those in our church family from similar cultural backgrounds.



A Public Event Honouring Christ

Then, there was Edwin, a very sweet and gentle man from the local Night Shelter who came to faith after a recent movie night at Mountain View. Edwin’s story is both heart-breaking and heart-warming as he shared through his testimony how a loving God intervened to save him. He literally had lost everything and everyone along the way. He was on the streets and had no place to go except to God. He admits to having tried everything else and praised God that his eyes were open to Christ.  Last up, was Nicolai, a bright young university student who, without any support spiritually from his family, gave his life to the Lord as a teenager. After attending Mountain View with his girlfriend and being discipled he saw his need to be baptized. He was so excited when his unsaved mother, brother and sister came to see his baptism. However, they were not prepared for what God was going to do.


An Illustration of Union with Christ

During the DVD when Edwin shared his moving story of how he came to faith, Nicolai’s mother realized that Edwin was her long-lost cousin whom she hadn’t heard from or seen for many years. It was a moving experience to see them both hugging and crying after his baptism. For Edwin, not only did he gain a spiritual family, but God also brought a physical member of his family back into his life. Nicolai’s mother was so amazed and overwhelmed, and Nicolai was so funny when he later commented to Tom with unbelief, “I can’t believe it… I am related to Edwin!”  Then, on top of all that – the most amazing thing happened. The day after Edwin was baptized, the Night Shelter received a letter from Edwin’s estranged son asking if they could help him find his father. What an amazing testimony to Edwin of a great and powerful God!

4 thoughts on “A Baptism with an Amazing Twist

  1. Ruth says:

    What an amazing yet just a glimpse of the grand Weaver who orchestrates lives & events across time & space according to His infinite wisdom! All glory & honor & praise to Him. May He soon grant saving grace to Edwin & Nicolai’s family!

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