Teaching… Always Teaching

We have all heard messages on the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20) where the emphasis is placed on “disciple making” amongst the nations. Rightfully so, but how is this carried out through the everyday life of a missionary? It’s in the daily reality of “teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”


Doing Life Together God’s Way

Someone in Nancy’s TEFL class (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) asked whether she was a teacher. Her first answer was no because she doesn’t have a degree in education and she has never held a formal teaching position. She later went back to that individual and answered them in a different way. This time she said yes – “I believe we are all teachers in one form or another. In fact, we are all always teaching.”

Here are a few ways we have been teaching since our last update:

TEFL is Underway – Nancy recently began tutoring English in a variety of capacities. One student, Matthew, is a 15-year-old South African boy who was orphaned and then adopted by a Japanese man early in his life. Matthew’s first language is Japanese and he struggles with English because it is not spoken in his home. Please pray that he will start coming to Mountain View’s youth group as a result of their teaching times and that Matthew will come to know Jesus as his Saviour.


Nancy and Cynthia serving in the MV kitchen together…Always Teaching

She also tutors Calefa, a 17 year-old autistic boy from Nigeria. RBP would be so proud of the versatility of the Sunday School material they send to us free of charge! It makes great English reading material.

Her third “student” is a Muslim woman from Libya named Wafa who is here with her husband, a PhD student at the local university. They are meeting regularly for coffee to practice her English speaking skills as a supplement to the English class Wafa takes at the university. Last week she listened as Wafa explained some of her beliefs. Pray for Nancy to have open doors to do the same.


Next Steps in Happening – This is the name of a class we offer at Mountain View for people wondering what their next step is spiritually and within the church. The class of 15 people Tom and Dave just finished teaching included five adults who have recently started attending Mountain View from the local Night Shelter. Their questions were amazing! At the same time the course was being offered, we also had our Movie Night outreach. One man from the night shelter who had expressed a lack of understanding about salvation during the Next Steps class attended our Movie Night and was saved that evening. He is now taking his next step — baptism.


Graham & Mandy

Premarital Counseling Arranged – Tom began counseling a young couple that asked him to marry them. As Tom set out to teach them how to have a godly marriage it became apparent that they were not saved. God opened their eyes and hearts as they both came to faith and are now building a foundation for a Christian marriage. They just wanted to get married…God wanted them to have life through Christ.

Life Lessons Learned – We would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge those who have taught us so much. Pastor Bill and Caroline Mumford became our close friends soon after Mountain View was planted. You may remember that Bill served as a Pastor with Tom and Dave for several years. Pastor Bill recently went home to be with the Lord and we’ve had many discussions about the number of spiritual and practical life lessons he taught us. Most of that learning wasn’t from a book but came from observing his life and example as a choice servant of Christ. He will be dearly missed.


Pastors Dave, Tom and Bill

Teaching… always teaching… always learning… always growing… always a joy to see God working! Thank you for supporting us and making these teaching times possible.

2 thoughts on “Teaching… Always Teaching

  1. Cheryl Mansell says:

    Beautiful post! What a blessing to hear how God is working through you to reach so many that otherwise may never know. Thank you for being faithful!

  2. Rachel Chambers says:

    Always good to hear and to see your ministry. We identify! Especially good to see that picture of you three pastors together. Your outreach, Nancy, encourages me personally. Way to go!

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