Nerd or Not?


Sweetheart Nerds: Snuggles & Skittles

Going “out of the box” can be uncomfortable, scary and even feel nerdy!  At least that’s what Tom and I found out during the month of October. Mountain View hosted a couples’ dinner called Love is in the Air, with special guests Snuggles and Skittles (aka Tom and Nancy).


Michael & Mandy at the Photo Booth

After three weeks of “promoting” the dinner (meaning Snuggles and Skittles visited Mountain View during the Sunday worship services!) we had our best turnout yet.  In addition to the 30 couples from Mountain View, 13 couples came who were new to Mountain View and two of those visiting couples came back on Sunday for the worship service.  We are looking forward to getting to know them better and sharing Christ with them in the days to come.


Cathy, Jodi & Nancy

Our next “out of the box” experience came the following week with a women’s conference Nancy has been planning for months, Hope and Help for the Journey, A Woman’s Walk with Depression.  Two other speakers, a medical doctor and a Christian counsellor, joined Nancy to discuss the topic in a relaxed television talk show format.  Videos were made prior to the conference of four women from Mountain View who willingly shared stories of their own journeys in an effort to show the realities of being a Christian dealing with depression.


Reaching out with Hope and Help

After recording radio broadcasts, publishing newspaper articles and advertisements, posting flyers in coffee shops, pharmacies, and grocery stores throughout our community, women from all over came to hear about the hope and help God promises us in His Word.  Nancy shared a devotional about the hope and help we have for all the struggles of life as we come to know Jesus and wait for heaven when all our tears will be wiped away and our light and momentary struggles will pale in comparison to the eternal glory we are promised (1 Peter 5).  It was exciting that over 70% of the 180 women who attended were new to Mountain View.  This was our first real “major” community-wide conference but definitely not our last.  We are already praying about what we can do next year.

At the conference, each woman received a nice goodie bag that contained lots of treats as well as a CD from Tom’s recent Misused and Abused series, a message on Romans 8:28 (available at, and they were also invited back to a four-week DVD series (based on the book 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp) that Nancy is teaching beginning next Sunday evening.  Continue to pray with us that some of the new ladies will return to our church to find help and receive hope.

Nerd or Not?  We say, Not… even though it was a bit concerning to Tom that most of the nerdy clothes he wore came straight from his closet!

Praises, specific needs and prayer requests for this month can be found by going to the prayer tab on our blog. Thank you for your prayers and support!

2 thoughts on “Nerd or Not?

    • Hey bro, great to hear from you. I needed lots of skittles to get ready to play Snuggles. We had so much fun doing those little skits but wore me out too. I was more nervous and used more energy then the preaching that followed.

      Thanks for checking in… miss you.

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