Behind, Ahead and Beside

Our flight from America to South Africa (24 hours long) gave us some much needed time to talk and reflect on the goodness of God.


Our schedule in 2012 was crazy at times, making trips to the states, starting the new ministry of Regional Administrator for ABWE, downsizing and moving into a new house in Cape Town (with temporary living conditions in between), a four month furlough in America spent visiting churches and raising support, attending the ABWE Global Operations Summit…and the list goes on.  We had a great Christmas with family – the first in America in 12 years.  And it was white, yea!  We added a wonderful son-in-law, Robin, as Chelsea was married.  Added a new granddaughter, Adah, and now know that we have another granddaughter on the way (being a Wolf and having girls seems to go hand in hand).  We really so have so much to be thankful for.

Upon our return, to be honest, we were excited but also felt a bit overwhelmed with the year 2013 in front of us.  So much to do!  Where do we start?  Our first Sunday back at Mountain View was absolutely wonderful – so many greetings and hugs.  Tom smelled like he had just walked out of a perfume factory, thanks to Auntie Ruth and others!  Our youth pastor, Johan, did a great job while we were gone and he preached our first Sunday back so that Tom didn’t have to step right back into preaching, allowing him a week to transition.

Johan’s message was based on Matt. 28:18-20.  Have you ever heard a message on a passage you thought you pretty much had down pat, only to feel like you were hearing it for the first time?  And the Great Commission passage at that!  Maybe it was coming back with Christmas still fresh in our minds, but the words “and low I am with you always” really hit home.  Immanuel ‘God with us’ (Matt. 1:23).  God promises to be with us even to the end of the age, through His Spirit, His Word, His care and His presence — He will never leave us or forsake us.

This past week, with this potent message freshly applied, Tom and I sat down with our planners (2013 – Nancy’s first effort to go paperless, yea!) and knocked down our list of goals for the year in each area of our lives.  The overwhelmed feelings we were experiencing changed from “there’s so much to do – where do we begin” to “here’s the list God has given us and He is with us.”  What more do we need?


Looking behind (our past), He was with us.  Looking ahead (our future)… He is already there, making our path straight.  And He is walking beside us (the present), right there leading us each step of the way.  So with this in mind, join us in prayer for the things on our paperless to-do list!  We’ll keep you posted as each one progresses throughout the year.


  • Weekly preaching and leading the ministry at Mountain View
  • Continued training of our RSA Pastor, Johan le Roux
  • Discipleship of our Intern, Migail de Klerk
  • Leading and shepherding all our South African missionaries
  • On-going recruitment and development of new missionaries/ministries for Southern Africa
  • Complete Masters Degree this year


  • Training new Sunday School Teachers, nurturing our SA women’s ministries leader, and admin. work for MV
  • Taking classes on how to teach English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Hosting our first Women’s Wellness Seminar (Women and Depression)
  • Continued weekly discipleship with Jacki
  • Implementation of Child Protection Policies at MV and throughout RSA

Thank you for your partnership. Knowing you are praying for us makes all the difference in the world!

One thought on “Behind, Ahead and Beside

  1. Andi says:

    Hi Wolf’s,
    Megan has her certificate in TESOL from the University of Cincinnati, maybe should could help you if needed. I’d be glad to help with some health tips if needed, actually I’m working on Osteoporosis for my CNP classes. Great picture !
    Love and prayers here and abroad :),

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