A South African Thanksgiving

Our blog update this month comes with great “thanksgiving” as this posting is from a young man in our church that not only has been saved by God but is also being moved by God toward full-time ministry.  We thought you would enjoy God’s story through his life as we partner together to make Jesus known in South Africa.

Hi there, my name is Migail. I’m a South African that was born and raised in Cape Town. I am currently studying theology at Mountain View Baptist Church and I am also doing an internship at the church this year with plans to do a second year in 2013.  One of my intern requirements is that I have to shadow Pastor Tom for a week. I have been with him for a few days now and I am already tired! He asked me to post a blog and to share a bit of what’s happened in my life, to which I replied, I would be happy to.

Having lived in beautiful South Africa my whole life, I always wanted to go into nature conservation after high school but I was never quite sure about it.  While in school I met Pastor Tom’s daughter, Morgan.  She invited me to come to Mountain View one Sunday and I was glad to go – we must also be honest and say that I was also a bit interested in this attractive girl!

As time went on I came to church more regularly and things began to change.  It wasn’t about sitting next to Morgan during the services anymore, but it was also because I was interested in learning more about God and having my questions answered about Him. Soon Pastor Tom started to disciple me and I was saved during that time.  My plans were still to go into conservation after high school but I took a gap year.  During that time God laid it on my heart to study theology, so I started studying at Mountain View and I am in my second year.

Even as sure as I am that I am to study theology, I do not know what God has planned for me in the future.  I am open to being used by Him.  For now, I am studying hard and just trying to learn as much as I can about as many things as I can. I have an idea of where I might want to go one day and how I might want to serve God, but in it all, all I know for sure is that I want to live for Him.  I want to be able to say, after each day and week of work, that I have made Him proud, that I have glorified Him, that I have brought people closer to Him.

Although I don’t know many of you, Tom, Nancy and Morgan speak of you often. Thank you for all you’ve done to make Mountain View possible. God is working here big time, in my life and in our church.  God has definitely used Mountain View and the Wolfs as an integral part in bringing me to the point where I believed the gospel, was saved and am now searching for God’s next step. Me in ministry… what an awesome but really scary thought!

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.” (Psalm 32:8)

We hope you have enjoyed Migail’s story of God’s grace and calling in his life.  This past Sunday, 18 November, He preached at Mountain View for only his third time.  We invite you to hear his message on www.c4bs.org. And we ask that you would pray for him and for Mountain View as we together prepare for the future. 

In 2013 Mountain View will begin a new church planting team, as we plan to start another church plant soon.  We’ve also asked Migail to lead our “Eyes to See” Commission which will look at the needs in our community and plan for how Mountain View can become involved at a greater level.

2 thoughts on “A South African Thanksgiving

  1. midge knepp says:

    Milgail, I want you to know I pray for you every Friday When I pray for Tom & Nancy. It was so good to hear more about you and to know your prayer requests. Midge Knepp in Ohio

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