One day to go with the “Elephant in the Room”

Did you know that the Columbus Zoo took in a new elephant this year?  Yep, Hank… they call him Hank the Tank!  He has rightfully earned that name as he is the largest elephant in North America (not South Africa) weighing in at 15,600 pounds.

Speaking of elephants and filling the tank… we are heading down the homestretch with just one day to go for the “Elephant in the Room” campaign.  Thank you for a great response to the campaign!  All of these funds will be used to keep us on the mission field doing ministry in South Africa and other countries in Southern Africa.

If you are thinking of being able to help with this last need, would you please let us know?  We only need $218 per month to meet our $600 a month goal!  The elephant is almost out of the room!

We have discovered that sometimes folks will take the necessary steps to make a one-time gift or take us on as missionaries for monthly support and we won’t know that until days later – after ABWE processes the deposit and sends us a notice.  If you plan to participate just let us know ( as we work to make our goal this summer and we will report the good news to you sooner.

Okay, thanks again for all your help!  Our next blog update will be just before we end this mini-furlough and depart for South Africa in mid-August.  This will be the first time we head back to Cape Town with all our girls here in America.  Picture a sad face as I write that.

Love ya and we covet your prayers and support.  Let’s continue to go all out together as we reach the nations for Jesus Christ!

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