Where’s the Elephant now?

Just one week to go with the “Elephant in the Room” and another amazing story to share.  Imagine this… Tom and I, driving down a country road in northern Ohio, on our way to a church early on a Sunday morning, when I see a large sign in someone’s front yard with the last name of our old Hilliard neighbors on it.  Wow, that’s weird, I thought, what are the chances? “Could that be a reunion or party for our old friends?” I asked Tom, and we kept on driving.

We had a wonderful day of ministry at the church we were visiting and Tom and I returned to Columbus the next day.   A few days later I received a text message from our old neighbors who had moved to another state.  Yep, the same ones whose name was on the sign in that front yard.  They said they were in Ohio for a family celebration, could we get together.  Tom and I couldn’t believe it!  Of course we said yes!  How could it be that we were not only in the same state, but in the same city, at the same time? That hadn’t happened in ten-plus years. Our kids could hardly remember each other when our families were last together.  We met them for breakfast and had a wonderful reunion.

We count it a privilege to now add this wonderful family and dear friends to our team of financial supporters.  How good is that… God is great and greatly to be praised.  Not only is He bringing in the needed monthly support, but He’s developing a team of very special people and we are loving it!   Well, we are at 60% of our goal with just less than one week to go for our “Elephant in the Room” campaign.

Would you consider joining our financial support team with a one-time gift or monthly support as we head down the homestretch?  We are trusting God for the remaining support needed before we head back to South Africa.

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