Elephant in the Rearview Mirror

God is amazing and His ways past finding out! Check out the latest of those who have joined the Wolfs’ financial support team.  Praise God — we’ve reached 50% of our goal with three weeks to go (working toward $600 in 60 days).  For now, the elephant has left the room and is behind us as we trust God for the remaining $300 a month.

This past week we were invited to the home of someone Nancy prayed with years ago, who, at that time, led a prayer group in her home for mothers of children in the elementary school our kids attended in Hilliard, Ohio.  Weekly Nancy would join several other mothers, with Morgan and her little friend Kaitlin playing at her feet, to pray for the hearts, minds and lives of our children as well as their teachers.  This continued for several years.

Last week we were re-united with two of the women in that original group, along with their husbands, to reminisce and praise God for how He had answered those prayers from years past.  It was wonderful to hear of God’s faithfulness in the lives of their children, share about God’s work in our own family, and praise Him for how He has provided over the years.

Throughout the evening it was also a blessing to see how these couples had prayerfully supported us these past eleven years in South Africa.  At the close of the evening, they shared how God had led them to partner with us financially in the ministry as well.  What an amazing blessing, orchestrated by an amazing God!  Praise His Name.

If that wasn’t enough, we also learned recently that one of the teachers they prayed for all those years, along with her husband, also decided to join the team!  50% needed with just three weeks to go.  More stories to come (Lord willing!)… will one of them be yours?  Pray with us as we desire to head back to South Africa in mid-August fully funded.

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