Elephant on the Move

Money can’t buy happiness or a whole lot of other things either.  Checkout this thought-provoking list that I recently came across while doing some sermon prep work:

Money can buy a bed… but not sleep, Money can buy medicine… not health, Money can buy a house… but not a Home, Money can buy position… not respect, Money can buy companions… not friends, Money can buy you food… not an appetite, Money can buy you a good life… but it cannot buy eternal life (author unknown).

I believe it all, but I’ve got to tell you, we’re pretty happy right now and it’s because our “Elephant in the Room” campaign to raise funds for our ministry in Southern Africa is going really well!  Here is the latest update heading into July.

I am not too fond of these thermometer-type graphs, however, it does quickly communicate where we are after one month of the campaign.  In June, God sent in $245 per month in additional support (that’s 40% of our goal) and $1,000 in one-time gifts. Hallelujah!  We’ve got 30 days left (through July) and our prayer is that others will join our team and help us reach our goal of $600 a month.

Who’s on our support team besides churches?  Family, of course, but also friends from all over — previous co-workers, school teachers, and former neighbors in addition to people through the years that we’ve connected with and who believe in what God is doing in Africa.  It’s amazing the mixture of people the Lord has brought together for this purpose. We love it!

What made them join as partners?  When we started this campaign in June, I wrote to our current supporters and asked them to answer a few questions. Here are some sound bites from what they wrote back, and with their permission, we are sending them along to you.

What excites you the most about the Wolfs’ ministry in South Africa?  “For us it’s being a part of seeing people saved and grow in their faith in Christ.”  Another supporter writes, “The Lord is working with great vitality through Tom and Nancy in their South Africa ministry.  It is exciting to see the results in growth and Christian maturity in the church they have planted.”

As one on the Wolfs personal and financial supports, how did you go about making the decision to take them on for monthly support?  “The Lord put the matter on my heart after going on a work team to help with the church building project.  But it wasn’t until Tom and Nancy came through a missions conference I attended that I was compelled personally to start financial support.  I could see that my participation would help to bear fruit and I prayed about it. I’ve been supporting this work since 2010.”

How long have you known the Wolfs and how did you learn about their ministry in South Africa?  “I have been fortunate to know the Wolf’s my whole life.  As my aunt, uncle and cousins, we have always been very close.  Tom and Nancy were my “second parents” growing up and the girls were my best friends.  Therefore, I learned about their ministry in South Africa very early on in the process when they were first feeling that they were being called into missions.  It’s been such a joy and an honor to experience the way God has led them in this ministry from the beginning and to be a part of it.”

It takes sacrifices to do what you do financially in supporting missionaries like the Wolfs. What helped you through that decision process to give?  “For us, it was good theology.  We know that God holds us accountable for investing in “god-things” that last forever and He promises to reward our obedience eternally.  Praying over the families we support and clinging to this truth with them gives us strength to forego other “good things.”

Another long-time supporter wrote, “We prayed about supporting the Wolfs when we first heard about the Lord’s leading in their lives and have supported them monthly from the beginning…. It was a matter of priorities for me.  Prayer helped me have the vision for support and the Lord helped me set the priorities to bring it about.”

The elephant is in the room but he’s working his way out!  We are praying earnestly for others to catch the same vision.  Thank you for considering your part in this ministry.  We are forever grateful and truly feel blessed!

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