Where is the Elephant?

At the beginning of June we started a campaign called “There’s an Elephant in the Room” as an imaginative way to make known our need to raise more financial support while on our furlough.  Thank you!  The response so far has been amazing and brings us some much needed encouragement.  I think the elephant may be considering leaving the room!

Here are just some of the responses that we wanted to pass along and to share with you about the donations that God is sending our way to help with our ministries in South Africa.  (The names and people have been withheld so as not to embarrass or make anyone uncomfortable.)

  • While working in State government I made some great friends.  One was with a godly guy who sadly passed away at a young age shortly after we left for South Africa. His wife, who we’ve kept in contact with, wrote this… “God has led me to send you $400 to help with your mission in South Africa for the months of June and July.”
  • A former colleague wrote this charming note about tipping.  She writes… “I have a couple part time jobs and for one of them it has been such a personal blessing to me and I appreciate my mentor there so much.  He once said “it’s interesting that we think little about giving an even half-decent waitress a 20% tip, yet we rarely find it possible to give an amazing and generous God even 10%.”  He went on to say “I think we should tip and not tithe…”  So I have decided that whatever I make doing this particular work, I will “tip” 20% of it to your ministry in Africa.  So count me in for a onetime gift of $600.”
  • Two individual families who already support us monthly have increased their giving… one by $25 a month and the other for $5o.  Such a God thing as we didn’t ask our current supporters but have been seeking new supporters to join our team.  We are most grateful even as I retell these stories.
  • Several of our Hilliard friends have invited us to their home and are pulling together a “house meeting” for next week asking us to come and share our vision and dream for Southern Africa.  It is sure to be a wonderful night in many ways!
  • OK, one last story for now and we’ll send more in our next update to keep you posted on how the campaign is going and where we stand overall.  This amazing gift came in even before we even sent out our blog request as confirmation from God.  This dear lady, who has been a friend of our family for years, told us that God had put it on her heart to give to our ministry. She writes… “I would love to be part of your team.  I can give $250 a year.”

It’s all adding up, God is providing and we are feeling blessed big time.  The goal is $600 a month in new giving.  Would you consider becoming part of our ministry team as well?  If you would still like to get involved as a new monthly supporter or would like to give a onetime gift, please let us know and we’ll pass along the details.

It is with grateful hearts as we send out this update.  Thank you for your support as we together plow ahead for the glory of God and to make known Jesus Christ amongst the nations.

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