A Courageous Weekend

When was the last time you went to the movies?  For me, it’s not very often.  However, when I do go, I look for a solid endorsement so I won’t be disappointed or be taken by surprise by what I watch.  This past month instead of going out to the theatre to see a good movie we brought the movie to our church.

Over the past three years we have regularly shown movies and used them as an outreach ministry for our church and community.  The idea is to provide good wholesome movies for our people while also providing an opportunity for them to invite family, friends, classmates and colleagues.  The response has been amazing!  We try to show a high quality movie and one that presents a godly storyline and the gospel if possible.  That’s really hard to find but the movie Courageous was all of that.

What a great turnout!  When we go to the movies in SA, if there are 50 people in the theatre, it’s a big crowd.  We had over 250 people for our Saturday evening showing of Courageous — it was a powerful night.  Men, fathers and families were encouraged and strengthen.  Many new people came and also saw just a little of what Mountain View is all about.  If you’ve not seen the movie, it’s worth checking out and even inviting some neighbors and friends to watch it with you.  The movie will bring tears to your eyes and also make you laugh.  At one point in the movie the laughter was so loud in our Worship Centre, you couldn’t hear the dialog from the movie.

Inviting everyone to attend services the next day, we kept the theme alive with a message on Sunday morning for our men and families from James 1 called “Be Courageous.”  The full message can be heard on our website at www.c4bs.org/Services/Details/40

In the long run it’s always hard to judge or measure the impact of a weekend like this.  It takes a lot of effort and resources to host a movie night (we don’t charge admission).  However, I couldn’t help but feel blessed knowing God’s message went forth and an impact was made.  Even if we don’t always see the immediate results, we know God is always at work.  For some, Courageous was a small nudge closer to Christ.  For others, it was a wake-up call to get serious and Be Courageous in their families and church!

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