Blessed with a Platform

When you live in South Africa it’s pretty easy to miss the headline news or the latest “big story” in America. For example, when Jim Tressel (whom I’ve always been a big fan of) was fired last May (or did he resign?), I only found out about it a week later. For me, being an avid sports fan, I have to make a concerted effort to keep up with my favorite sports teams and players.

Two weeks ago we arrived in the States for the ABWE Global Operations Summit. From the time we landed, the big news story has been Tebow Mania!  Across the board, Tim Tebow is the biggest news story everywhere you look.  And whether people like Tim or not, they have to admire that this guy is serious about his faith, or as we would say, “sold out for Jesus Christ.”  What I really admire is that Tim Tebow is using the platform of professional sports that God has given him, to make Christ known. Personally, (I know, I’m a missionary writing this) I am convicted by his boldness and just the straight forwardness in which he speaks about Christ at every opportunity.

Even before Tebow Mania or Tebowing, while at the University of Florida, He created internet frenzy when he started putting Bible verses on the black tape he wore under his eyes on game days. Before the College National Championship game, Tebow put John 3:16 under his eyes and the next day reports tell us that over 94 million people looked up that verse on internet search engines. The young quarterback has incredible influence and he uses it to share Jesus Christ.

Okay, back to our little world. Whether we see it or not, God orchestrates opportunities, creates platforms, for each of us to proclaim His name and to speak to others about Christ.

This past year our youngest daughter, Morgan, was named Head Girl of her high local school in Cape Town (sort of like school president). Morgan attended a large public school and, selected by her peers, she was the first non-South African student to be named to such a position.  One of Morgan’s responsibilities was delivering a speech to the entire student body each week at the school assembly. At graduation in December Morgan gave a valedictory speech before 2,000 people and once during the school year she was interviewed on the local radio station.  The questions she was asked included, “What do you think about living together before marriage?” and “How do you feel about pornography on television?” Once during the year she was asked to share her faith at a Praise and Worship evening sponsored by the Student Christian Association, giving her the opportunity to pray with several young girls at the end of the evening.  Each opportunity gave Morgan a platform, arranged by God, to share Christ with students, teachers, parents, and even the community about her faith in Christ and how He helped her to lead the school as Head Girl.

We  may not be in the media spotlight with as big of a platform as a Tim Tebow, or even Morgan as Head Girl. But what I have been reminded of is that God intentionally gives each of us a platform from which to speak. Think about it… what platform has God given you?  How bold and confident are we to proclaim Christ and the Gospel?

The apostle Paul declared to believers, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes,” (Romans 1:16a). Let’s pray that God will give us courage and that we would see and use the opportunities we have through the various platforms He has set before us to proclaim His name.

May I encourage you to listen to this amazing Tim Tebow interview (Tebow talks with Hannity) where he speaks about his platform? We would love to hear your thoughts. Just go to the comments section and respond.

2 thoughts on “Blessed with a Platform

  1. Michelle Hammaker says:

    Tom & Nancy,
    I always enjoy reading your updates and continue to pray for your ministry there in Cape Town. Thank you for your faithfulness to Christ!

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